The correct care of your footwear depends on the materials used to manufacture it; the main purpose of any treatment is to “nourish the leather” and enhance its water-proofing characteristics. The frequency, instead, depends on the condition and frequency of use of the footwear. We recommend lighter and more frequent applications rather than occasional and abundant. Moreover, we recommend treating your footwear before putting it away for long periods of time to prevent the leather from drying.
IMPORTANT: when using products other than the Hydrobloc® Zamberlan® treatment, it is important to remember that such products must meet the requirements imposed by GORE-TEX. In fact, silicone-based or similar treatments cannot be used as they may clog the pores of the membrane, which will impair its breathability and will also invalidate your GORE-TEX warranty.

​​​​​​​  1. remove the laces.
 2. wash the boots under a cold tap. You can use a mild soap if necessary.
 3. remove the footbeds and let footwear dry slowly and thoroughly in a ventilated, dry and shady place.
4. VERY IMPORTANT: Do not try to accelerate the drying process by placing the boots close to a heating source, such as fire, radiators, electrical stoves or boilers This will cause the leather to crack or shrink as well as ridging in the upper or the stiffening of the same. They may also impair the adhesion of the sole, the toe box/protective rand to the upper, which may come off.
Please note that the warranty will become invalid if the footwear is exposed to this kind of heat sources. Allow the footwear to dry in a fresh and well-ventilated room. It is very important to put them to dry immediately: excessive humidity inside the boot (including sweat) may cause the proliferation of moulds and bacteria.
 5A. (FOR FULL GRAIN LEATHER UPPER): apply Zamberlan® Hydrobloc® Conditioning Cream to the cleaned and dried upper using a soft brush to work the cream into  the leather. Let the shoes rest for a few hours, then polish them.
5B. (FOR NUBUCK LEATHER, SUEDE, NUBUCK LEATHER/FABRIC, SUEDE/FABRIC): apply Zamberlan® Hydrobloc® Conditioning Spray as follows: shake well before spraying two separate coats of conditioner to the cleaned and dried upper (also on fabric sections if present). Spray from approximately 20 cm and allow 5 minutes  between coats to let the conditioner soak in. Leave to dry for a few hours before using the footwear again.
 6. (FOR FOOTWEAR WITH LEATHER LININGS): clean with a warm, damp cloth and allow to thoroughly dry before applying a thin coat of Hydrobloc® Proofing Cream or Hydrobloc®  Conditioning Spray. This will maintain the leather lining soft and supple. Leave to dry for a few hours before using the footwear again.

For further information, read the footwear care guide booklet provided with the Zamberlan®  footwear you have bought.


Syntetic Linings​​​​​​​
No special care required. After use, clean with a warm, damp cloth and allow to dry.

Leather Linings
They offer superb comfort, but these linings must be treated at regular intervals to maintain their characteristics, as the acidity of perspiration may damage or alter them. For this reason, you should regularly clean the leather linings with a warm damp cloth, allow to thoroughly dry, and then apply a thin coat Hydrobloc® Proofing Cream or Hydrobloc® Conditioning Spray, which will nourish the leather, keeping it soft and supple.

Outsoles should be regularly inspected.  Pay special attention to any stones which might have become lodged in the outsole, removing them carefully prior to subsequent use. Failure to do so may result in damage to the sole. Check the depth of outsole from time to time, as  a significantly worn outsole may compromise safety . Most Zamberlan® boots can be resoled by specialist cobblers.
The products that can be resoled are identified by the appropriate logo:


Laces will normally offer a fairly long service life, but may deteriorate and break over time and for this reason they should be inspected regularly.
It is possible to use laces that are not produced by Zamberlan as long as they meet GORE-TEX requirements to guarantee waterproofness. It is a sensible precaution to carry a spare set at all times, especially when walking in remote areas.
Zamberlan® offers many different replacement laces. Find out more by checking the ACCESSORIES section on our website.

The anatomic footbeds supplied with your footwear should be regularly cleaned, and replaced  with genuine Zamberlan® footbeds every six months or at least once a year.
Zamberlan® offers different footbeds. Find out more by checking the ACCESSORIES section on our website.