Size Charts Guide

The foot plays an important role in supporting the weight of the entire body during our daily life. Thanks to their shape, feet allow us to tread on different terrains and surfaces, even uneven ones, and it does so in close collaboration with the ankle joint.
Zamberlan® footwear construction takes into account all the anatomical aspects of the foot and this is why Zamberlan® has designed and created different lasts dedicated to any type of activity.

How to find the correct Zamberlan® size
*NB: the correspondence expressed in centimetres refers to the insole length. Therefore if your feet measure 27cm, you shouldn’t  pick the size with a 27cm insole, but the bigger one (ref. See point No. 4).​​​​

1.Stand on a piece of paper and mark the distance from your longest toe to the heel end.

2. Measure the distance between these two marks to find out the length of your foot.

3. Repeat the same procedure also for the other foot (a person’s feet are hardly ever the same length. Please, always consider the longest one).

4. Don't forget to allow for some additional room on the toe box area, to avoid pain when walking downhill.

5. To get more realistic measurements, wear suitable socks (based on the model you are interested in).

6. Check the corresponding size (based on the construction last you find on the product's page) using the size chart below.

Make your decision based on your own experience, preferences and needs (i.e.: someone prefers a snug fit while others prefer a more comfortable and roomy fit with more space to move the feet).
If you already have a pair of boots, you can measure the length of the insole and look directly at the correspondence in the chart


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