The family’s motto "Handmade Philosophy" characterizes the third generation of the Zamberlan family, guiding them in the development of new collections that are always based on craftsmanship and designed and manufactured in continuity with traditions, so as to meet the needs of each client.

It all started back in 1929, when Giuseppe Zamberlan started working as a cobbler at the foot of the Little Dolomites. His great passion for the mountains as well as for his work led him to design footwear that was both more performing and safer; once combined with the innovative rubber soles - that were the result of the collaboration with Vitali Bramani, the CAI academic and founder of VIBRAM® - the footwear turned into a revolutionary product.

Following the remarkable success of these products and the resulting demand led him to open a small workshop, together with his wife Maria, an expert hemmer.

In 1970 his son Emilio started exporting the products overseas, conquering the Asian markets (Japan and Korea) first, closely followed by the European and North American ones. Right from the start, the American market proved to be especially important and for this reason, in 2009, Zamberlan opened a branch in California.Despite the competition and the crisis in the sector, the constant research and the development of new materials, designs and technologies have kept the product competitive, artisan and made in Italy.