Creativity, innovation and field tests
An on-going international test program at all levels, with regular feedback passed on by our clients, inspires and motivates us to set objectives that are increasingly more challenging.

Experience and tradition
Over the past ninety years, Zamberlan® has developed a profound footwear culture based on the respect for the artisan craftsmanship and on the deep-rooted knowledge of the mountain culture.

Exclusive and reliable Italian products
Zamberlan® is one of the few companies that still crafts most of its products in Italy.  We are very proud of this great asset, which is recognized and appreciated worldwide.

Service to customers and international presence
We greatly value our customers and this means that our clients renew their trust in us year after year.

Ethics and integrity in dealing with suppliers and employees
We strongly believe in giving value to the people who work with us, because this is what allows us to manufacture a beautiful and well-made product.

Respect for the environment
Zamberlan strongly believes in reducing the impact on the environment by promoting the concept of responsible use. It is for this very reason that most of our products can be resoled: this means that they can last for a very long time, if well maintained.

Attention to the details
Our aim is to produce crafted footwear, which, in addition to providing excellent technical performance, will survive trends and fashions thanks to their timeless charm.