Feet play a fundamental role in our body in supporting our weight and locomotion. They control all the movements that the legs, pelvis, trunk, arms and shoulders make while walking. 

Choosing the right shoe means giving the feet the importance they deserve, and it is equivalent to investing in our health. The study of the lasts and the construction of the footwear take into consideration, and fully respect, all the anatomical aspects of the foot.

Zamberlan® has designed and developed different lasts taking into account the final use of the shoe and the different anatomical characteristics of the foot. They all offer a comfortable fit that is not too long along with a good internal volume. 

In order to ensure that the shoe acquires the best shape and maintains it for a long time, the Foot Wrapping Last Process has been developed. The contact of the ground with the heel (heel support) must be well accentuated in order to allow the foot to make the transition to full foot support (full support) and the subsequent pre-thrust and push phases.