Zamberlan’s story is that of a company which, despite having reached an international level, has been able to maintain its family dimension made of people whose bond with the company is never separated from their own lives, passions and aspirations


Zamberlan’s traditional lines are manufactured in Torrebelvicino - Italy, where the company is based, and the company is strongly committed to maintaining the same high quality in all its products.  Zamberlan places great emphasis on quality, which is considered the main priority. To ensure this, it only uses the best materials available on the market, and devotes great attention to the manufacture of all its products.

For 90 years it has created unique patents in the footwear industry, identifying the real needs of both mountaineering athletes and those who approach the mountains. It has always done this with a painstaking attention to detail. Considerable investments are regularly made in the research and development of new materials, new moulds and outsoles with exclusive patents. Every day the Zamberlan® team concentrates all its efforts, skills, knowledge and passion in striving to achieve a top quality product.

Every single pair of boots is regularly inspected during every phase of the production cycle, and the Zamberlan family itself is constantly and personally involved in the control of the production line. The extremely scrupulous finishing department selects and eliminates all footwear that does not meet the required standards. Tests and trials are carried out in the field. The Zamberlan family personally test new ideas and models: Emilio, during his excursions and trekking every Sunday; Marco, while climbing and ice climbing in winter as well as while hiking along mountaineering routes and during summer excursions, and Maria, during her "backpack" trips.