Alessandro Seletti (Italy)

Wildlife Photographer


​​​​​​​Alessandro is an Italian freelancer, who has made his passion for nature and mountains a second profession. He is a wildlife photographer who constantly undertakes car journeys across Europe in search of emotions to be translated into images. In the last years he published the photographic books "Bleik Inside", "Il giorno che non c'è" and "Dancing Lights" that narrate his way of living nature, mainly in uncontaminated places, among northern lights, alpine peaks, and wild animals. He was recently TedX's speaker on the topic TAKE CARE OF.
Now he is involved, with the support of Zamberlan outdoor, in the organization of a polar expedition to the Svalbard islands. Here, he's going to check the ice conditions in the light of recent climate changes, and in the meantime search for the white bear: the expedition will take place during next winter. His love for the mountains led him to climb 23 mountains over 4000 meters, making the Lyskamm Crossing alone.
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